Our services follow a defined process depicted in the diagram, which ensures proper care and attention at all phases. The overall service rendering process is managed through project management techniques in order to ensure coordination and control of resources, costs and deadlines. Aerofoiltech provides multidimensional support for all these key activities. However it must be noted that Aerofoiltech’s assistance can be requested for any specific or distinct part of the process depicted below.

Business Idea Evaluation: Involves idea conception, its economical justification, its viability in the market and its feasibility from a regulatory viewpoint. This may include market surveys, regulatory surveys, business modeling, market positioning, business planning and strategy design for product and its marketing.

Analysis and Solution Conception: Involves analysis of the current asset situation, analysis of availability of reliable technologies to implement the idea, feasibility analysis of the introduction of new technologies. Aerofoiltech can assist in this phase through technology surveys, asset evaluation, assessment and benchmarking, feasibility analysis and service or product definition.

Solution Design: This phase contains service or product definition, evaluation of the possible alternative solutions, architectural definition, dimensioning, cost analysis, solution optimization and definition of a migration plan.

Solution Engineering: This phase includes vendor selection, definition of detailed specifications, definition and implementation of solution trials and deployment plan.