About Us

We commenced our operations in 2019, with a small group of visionary professionals, with the express purpose to provide excellent sales and support and pioneered the ‘turnkey’ solution model for IT, Defense & Telecommunication products and services. Today, with a region wide presence in the Middle East and Africa Region and with a comprehensive range of products and services across diverse industries, we are one of the North America’s leading solution provider companies. More than 90% of all the operators and integrators of the region are among our valued customers – a strong testament to our quality delivery and ability to continuously modify our portfolio to suit the changing needs of the market.

Aerofoiltech, with its interest in Test and Measurement, Telecommunications, Defense and Security Solutions & Information Technology has performed overwhelmingly in the past and is striving to achieve the highest standard of technical excellence for providing fit-for-purpose solutions in sales, support, consulting, services, and business process outsourcing. Aerofoiltech has envisioned and initiated the adoption of flexible global business practices which enable companies to operate more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of their customers.

Our Team

Aerofoiltech started just like any other technology company in North American region, with a clear vision of few dedicated professionals who were otherwise uneasy with the trend pursuing approach of companies, looking at the market rather than striving to be one where market looks.

Over the years, under the leadership of its capable management and its founding partners, it has grown immensely with overlapping & diverse markets. The cornerstone of the company’s success is its vision which has not changed from its rapid expansion in 5 divisions.

Aerofoiltech is basically organized in 5 divisions:

  1. Test and Measurement (TestEquipments)
  2. Telecom Solutions and Services
  3. Defense and Security Solution
  4. Information Technology
  5. Consultancy Services

We are also expanding in selective GCC states in the areas of interests such as Chemicals Trading, Instrumentation and GlS in close association with our affiliates.

Our Vision

Rationale for our existence is articulated by our Mission and our Vision reflects an aspiration to persistently improve, to excel & be the best. Our values characterize us as an organization and guide our every action.


To position itself as a company which help its customers to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class solutions and services.


To establish as one of the most reliable and modern companies in the North American region for sales and solutions of specialaized solutions by 2030.

Core Values

  • Exceeding Customer satisfaction through quality services, products & positive behavior.
  • Meeting deadlines to complete tasks and to the satisfaction of our customers both internal & external.
  • Enriching people’s life and enhancing their relationships through our products and services.
  • A Culture which is welcoming, sociable and friendly, dealing with people in a clear and direct way while keeping in view honesty and fair conduct.
  • Our staff is the most valued resource and we believe in their self esteem.
  • Continuous improvement in our work areas and daily lives.
  • Ethical and moral conduct in all our relationships at all times.
  • A culture where mistakes are encouraged but learning from mistakes, owning them and making it a point to improve in future.
  • Solving problems through systematic and thorough analysis.

Distinguished financial performance not as an end in its self but as a mean to accomplish our broader vision.

These values guide our business strategies, our corporate behavior and our relationships with our Suppliers, Customers, Communities.

While Aerofoiltech has always performed with integrity, expression and adherence to these values is vital for us. These morals embody the spirit of Aerofoiltech at its best. They reflect the energy and the spirit of the company that has the solid foundation to lead the change as the business evolves and articulate a code of behavior that guides us through that transformation. It asks us all to recommit to a common set of beliefs about how we work in our world today based on a continuum of how we have grown and performed.